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Enjoy the thrill of this traditional experience of mustering cattle. We will throw the responsibility of mustering cattle into some bush yards over to your team (with our supervision of course). This is a fantastic corporate challenge and develops skills such as:

1. Team Work – an essential requirement of mustering cattle is the team working together, the consequences of individuals trying to dominate and rushing the task, such as, moving towards the cattle too fast is that they will find the cattle will escape and the group needs to start again.

2. Leadership – a team member needs to delegate certain tasks to other team members and this provides an opportunity to empower employees for the day.

3. Communication – Without clear and concise communication within your team, mustering cattle is not possible. Develop your employee’s ability to quickly and effectively convey new concepts and ideas to the group.

4. Contingency Planning – this activity will without a doubt be full of surprises and is a real test for participants to make changes when one strategy doesn’t seem to work, a great lateral thinking exercise.



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